Volunteer with us

Influence the next generation of designers

Volunteering is a great way to flex your leadership muscle and give back to the design community. Designation designers get incredible value in learning from professionals covering every facet of digital design.


  • Meet 1-on-1 with our designers and serve as a resource for career-focused questions
  • Share industry experience and knowledge on specialized design topics
  • Provide actionable design feedback


  • Lead discussions around the ever-changing landscape of tech and design
  • Present a passion project, case study or advanced design topic
  • Lead designers through hands-on workshops

Logan Debiase

“I’m motivated to give back because it’s what I wanted when I started designing. I also learn a lot by teaching, and get to implement things I learn at work.”

Logan DebiaseSenior User Interface Designer, Salesforce

Give back to the design community

Let us know what form of volunteering suits your needs and we’ll contact you!