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Over 500 grads continue to succeed in digital product teams, companies, agencies, consultancies, and startups around the world. They’re known by hiring managers as some of the most hard-working and talented designers entering or returning to the field.

Dustin Hamilton

“If I'm looking for an entry-level practitioner, Designation is my first go-to. I will consider other bootcamps and other practitioners who are experienced or just starting, but I feel more confident when I make a Designation hire.”

Dustin HamiltonProduct Design Manager, Allstate

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Frequently asked questions about hiring graduates

  • What’s the average salary for Designation graduates?

    We’ve found that graduates earn an average of $60,000–$72,000 in their first year after finishing the program. This number varies greatly due to location—it goes up to an average of $95,000–$100,000 for graduates in San Francisco, for instance, but also down to an average of $40,000–$45,000 for graduates in cities like Omaha. It also varies by industry, company type, company size, cost of living, and several other factors.

    For graduates who work as freelancers, contractors, or interns, the average hourly rate is $35–$50. 

  • Can Designation provide proof of attendance to a graduate’s first employer?

    This is a frequent need for graduates as their future employers verify their professional history. Upon request, we’re happy to provide a letter verifying the start and end dates of a graduate’s time in the program. We also offer employment validation by phone to potential employers—just call us at 833-382-5924.

  • How long does it take to get a job after the program ends?

    We’ve found the average length of time is about three months. That means some graduates will get a job quickly—even in the final weeks of the program—and others will take more than three months. 

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