Why Now is the Time to Get Into UX/UI Design by Michelle Joseph

Jan 14, 2016

michellejoseph Michelle Joseph is the Founder and CEO of PeopleFoundry Inc. Michelle’s main responsibilities as CEO include the strategic development of PeopleFoundry, operational planning, and continuously adapting to a national landscape of talent. Michelle holds a BA in Political Science with a minor in Psychology from the University of Dayton and received her Masters in Human Resources Management in 2008 from Cornell University. She is a mentor at 1871, the HR mentor at MATTER, a board member at Designation Labs, a contributor to the Taproot Foundation, and a member of the Young Executives Club of Chicago and the Economic Club of Chicago.

It’s no secret that the tech space has become a hot market in the past few years, and with that, top talent has become increasingly in-demand. UX/UI roles specifically are some of the hardest positions to fill in the current market place. From the eyes of someone in recruitment, the need for top tech talent is even more painstakingly obvious.

No Signs of Stopping

As 2016 rolls around, online news sources have become flooded with articles filled with predictions on next year’s tech trends and best career choices. UX/UI design as well as the talked about virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have already proven to be a constant theme and a very popular subject matter for 2016 and beyond. According to EMSI, IT related jobs (a category which includes UX/UI design) are 28 percent of all average monthly unique job postings, making this industry the second most in-demand group of professionals for 2016. There is no question about it, the IT workforce is evolving very quickly and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Perks of Being in Demand

The U.S. economy added 211,000 jobs in November and the largest category of those new jobs was technology. So good news for candidates in tech, it truly is a job-seekers market. Job growth and salaries are increasing across the tech industry, as there is currently twice the number of companies looking to hire top tech talent than candidates available to fill those positions. And one of the most in-demand tech talent are UX/UI designers that use tools such as the most recent JavaScript MVC frameworks, i.e. Angular.js, React.js, Ember.js, or Backbone.js to help organizations create a seamless digital experience for consumers. And there is no need to move west to land a tech job. There are cities across the country emerging as tech hubs for their region. Over the past four years, Chicago has created more than 40,000 tech jobs alone, and the windy city trails only NYC as the number one hub for fast-growing private companies on Inc. 5000. It’s no wonder Designation is the leading UX/UI boot camp. Although salary should not be the only factor to consider when looking for new job opportunities, it can be a nice perk. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, web designers and developers salaries are forecasted to increase by 20 percent by the year 2020, and we should expect to see 658,000 new tech jobs by 2020 as well.

Impact and Incredible Opportunity

I believe it is extremely important that your job aligns with your life passion. If you get into UX/UI design, it is hopefully because you want to make it easier for people to adapt to a rapidly increasing digital world. As we quickly become part of a virtual world, helping companies create an easy and pleasant digital experience for their customers is extremely impactful and beneficial. There is also an immense amount of opportunity in UX/UI design as this industry only fully emerged a few years ago. And there will continue to be so much opportunity for creative exploration and growth, especially as people begin to talk about AR/VR more. With so much excitement in this flourishing industry, there are plenty amazing resources, such as Designation, to help you take your expertise to the next level. Read more of Michelle’s blogs. Follow Michelle on Twitter. A little info about PeopleFoundry: PeopleFoundry’s recruitment process is unparalleled. Our dedication to understanding our clients’ unique needs allows us to actively work with the best candidates to help build a winning team. From sales to technology to everything in between, we carefully match talented professionals to the priorities and core values of each of our clients. PeopleFoundry is not your typical suit and tie. Companies refer us because we deliver.

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