Course Report Interview with Ruby Cohort Alum Anne Levy

Designation Team Feb 21, 2017 Interviews, Designers

Last week, the bootcamp review site Course Report published an interview with Ruby Cohort alum Anne Levy.

Like so many other Designation grads, Anne joined us from a professional background more or less unrelated to design. She had previously been working as a career counselor, but after coming to the realization that she was looking for something more creatively filling, made the decision to join Designation in pursuit of a career in UX.

“I always felt like there was something missing. So I career counseled myself out of it!” she said.

Shortly after graduating, Anne landed a role at the global tech and management consultancy Accenture, where she’s been for about six months.

Overall, it’s a great interview and Anne has a ton of insightful comments about the industry, her experience, and what it means to switch careers.

Read the full interview at Course Report.

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