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Designing for humans: John Buckley and the DesignFix initiative

Designation Team Dec 31, 2018 Designers, Thought Leaders, Business, Interviews

Designing for humans: John Buckley and the DesignFix initiative

DesignFix is a social-needs initiative that brings student designers together with professionals to address some of the world’s biggest societal issues. It was started in 2017 and continued in 2018 by, a Dublin design studio, and it won widespread acclaim and numerous awards for its tackling of complex problems in thoughtful ways. Designation alum John Buckley was one of the creators of DesignFix; he joined after returning to Dublin after graduating as part of the Diamond cohort in early 2015. Today, he’s enrolled in a master’s program at Parsons School of Design in New York. We asked him to reflect on his DesignFix experience and discuss its impacts on his growth as a designer. Read More

5 key parts of a great design case study

Jul 13, 2018 Resources, Thought Leaders, Design Tips

5 key parts of a great design case study

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding case studies. When done right, they’re seriously complex and represent hundreds of hours of design work. At their start, they can feel like a disorganized, overwhelming mess. But step by step, they transform into a piece of work a designer can truly be proud of because it tells the story of their growth over the project. Read More

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