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Our Bootcamp Success Stories

Our graduates have gone on to a ton of amazing jobs. Here are just a few of their stories.

Zoë Sinner

UX Designer at

DESIGNATION broadened my fundamentals and taught me the skills to help solve design problems. And more importantly, it taught me to be a confident designer. All of these things I use in my current job.

Tom Kutschera

UI Designer at

I learned the proper steps required to create an application from scratch. I never really considered the process to create and develop an application prior to attending.

Angela Kung

UX Designer at

I was lucky to be surrounded by hard working who pushed each other to be better. It felt like everyone really cared about their projects, and no one was ever satisfied with an easy solution. We weren’t afraid to challenge each other, which was awesome.

Josh Trangle

UX Architect at

My favorite part was the people. I built an instant network of connections in the design industry who all continually root for my success.

Rob Stone

Mobile Designer at

The most important thing I learned was to lean on my peers. My cohort was full of people with a wide variety of skills. As a team we taught each other an incredible amount.

Ji Su Park

Experience Designer at

There is a good mix of different personalities, but it’s cool to see the camaraderie form, because you’re all doing this hard thing together.

Nathan Lui

UI/UX Designer at

DESIGNATION imbued me with a 'can-do' attitude. If you don’t know how to do something, you can figure it out. This is an important mindset to have in any design role.

Francesca Mey

Product Designer at

I really wanted to get better in UI, so I chose DESIGNATION.

Adrian Aras

Visual Designer at

DESIGNATION helped me to create a great portfolio based on real clients with real problems. The whole experience was amazing.

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