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Ezome is an app that helps homeowners learn the ins and outs of real estate so they can make better, more informed choices when it comes to selling their home.

When the DESIGNATION team was first engaged, the app existed in the form of some rough Balsamiq sketches. But the team dove right in to a complicated and highly involved application requiring lots of specialized industry knowledge to build something extremely robust, responsive, and well calibrated to the needs of this demanding market.


  • User Experience
  • UI Design

"At the start of our engagement we had a bunch of thoughts in my head and just a few on paper. The output that got created was nothing short of remarkable. THe team started with conceptualization on white board, assisted in market research and conducted a series of UX focused customer interviews to create a beautiful product design. It was great to see such creativity and tenacity to push the boundaries from a young group of students."

Satyakam Pandey, founder, ezome

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