Introducing Mike Joosse, Community Director at Designation

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A little over a month ago, Designation welcomed our newest member to the team, Mike Joosse. A longtime design and ad industry veteran, Mike has over 15 years of experience spanning a wide variety of roles including Designer, Art Director, Adjunct Professor, and most recently, Communications Director at VSA Partners here in Chicago. Before that he was a long-serving member of the AIGA (and still maintains a seat on their Board of Directors).

Ever the bashful type.
Ever the bashful type.

As Community Director, Mike will oversee the parts of the program that connect students with the professional world at large. First and foremost that means leading our alumni hiring efforts. As a longtime AIGA employee, Mike knows more about the design community than anyone, making him the perfect person to help our graduates transition into new careers. And with a dedicated staff member overseeing this phase of the program, the reach of our bootcamp and the job opportunities available to our designers will be greater than ever.

But more than that, Mike will be continuing our efforts to bring Designation to the center of the greater design community, both here in Chicago as well as nationwide.

Mike syncing with Kobi Cohort's Adam Senese
Mike syncing with Kobi Cohort’s Adam Senese

We have some really exciting things in store here at Designation. Thought leadership conferences, expanded course offerings, and new tools for young and experienced designers alike are all coming up in the near future. And we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Mike to the team as we continue to bring our vision of high quality design education and resources to the world!

Interested in learning more, straight from the man himself? Drop Mike an email, he’d love to hear from you! Reach out at and say hello.

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  1. Great choice! Super guy with a great eye for design, and a great ear for music (and people).

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