Designation Has Begun!

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On April 21st, 23 students came to our classroom in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood with one goal: to design a new career.

Getting To Know Each Other

Things kicked right off with some interesting ice breakers led by our UX Instructor Zeke Franco. Unlike the usual “Say your name and where you’re from” type stuff, students had to share their long-term career goals, what their super power is, then take a strong position on a famous rivalry of their choice.

The question that sparked the most debate: Which is worse, Comic Sans or Papyrus?

After a quick Potbelly’s lunch, students broke off to work on personal projects, finish their pre-class assignments, and meet with instructors and staff individually to set overall goals for the program.

Once everyone had a chance to meet with the team, it was time for evening classes.

Andrew kicked things off with a great recap of how exactly we found ourselves in this crazy internet age. We’re talking the ARPANET, Tim Berners-Lee, the whole deal. The timeline went all the way back to the 40s, so now we know, and knowing is half the battle.


Then our Communications Director Will Shandling (who is now awkwardly writing about himself in the 3rd person) led a discussion on the science of creativity. Topics included: lazy brains, Alexander the Great, and Google Glass apps for 80 year olds.


It was a great first day, and meeting all the fantastically talented people who came to join us was easily the best part.

We couldn’t be more excited about how this cohort is shaping up, and can’t wait to see what our designers create over the next 10 weeks.

For proof, look no further than this reaction from Chris Smith. He’s an instructor, a front-end web dev guru, and a man of famously few words. (Apologies in advance for the crappy cell phone pic.)


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