Interview with Anne Levy,
UX/UI Designer at Accenture Operations Innovation Center

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Anne  Levy - UX/UI Designer at Accenture Operations
Anne Levy is a graduate of the Ruby Cohort. Anne was a career counselor before coming to Designation to pursue a career in UX and UI Design.


Where do you work, and what’s your job title?
I’m a UX/UI Designer at Accenture Operations Innovation Center.

Anna Levy - UX/UI Designer at Accenture Operations Innovation Center

Tell us briefly about Accenture Operations.
Our innovation team focuses on using emerging technologies to create innovative offerings that support Accenture Operations. We operate like a startup using lean, agile methodology. We have a truly incredible team of engineers, developers, innovators, and business analysts based in the US and the Philippines.

Accenture Operations Website Screenshot

Tell us briefly about your job.
Since we operate like a startup, my job changes by the day. I’m always working on multiple projects to support our innovators’ initiatives. So far, I’ve done everything from wireframing to video creation to user testing. There are always learning opportunities and chances to engage with amazing new technology. My favorite thing is that our team is excited to take risks, go after the moonshots, and really make a difference. I love being part of a team where all ideas are heard, and everyone is genuinely passionate about what they do.

Oranj Wireframe Example - Wireframing Example of Portfolio Management

What did you do professionally before you started at Designation?
Before Designation, I was a career counselor in Chicago. I got my master’s degree in counseling, and worked at several universities doing academic and career advising. After a few years, I decided I was ready for a new challenge, and began working with a startup called Spare to Share while I did the pre-virtual and virtual portions of Designation. It was a great transition because I got to learn all aspects of the business and experience everything from operations to sales to design. I was able to start putting what I learned in pre-virtual to practice right away.

Brooke's Journey Map Example

How did you hear about Designation? And why did you decide to attend?
I didn’t even know what UX was a couple of years ago. I knew I wanted to pursue a more creative career path, and initially looked into front-end dev bootcamps. A friend working as a developer suggested that I look into UX, and when I started doing some online research, I found Designation. I looked at all of the options and chose Designation because it offers real-world experience with startups during the program, because of the alumni outcomes, and simply because it felt like the right fit for me.

Anne Levy and a Student at Designation work together to solve a problem

How would you describe your Designation experience?
It was crazy, fun, exhausting, and transformative. I went in knowing very little about design and UX and came out with the ability to speak intelligently about design and execute a project from start to end. It gave me the experience and confidence I needed to get and succeed in my first design job.

“The decision to pursue a new career is huge and scary, but taking that risk and going to Designation was one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

What made your Designation experience unique?
My cohort embraced silliness. It may sound trivial, but with the intensive hours and workload, it made a huge difference in helping us stay motivated. I think it also came through in our work. We weren’t afraid to add some personality and fun to our projects to give users a more delightful experience.

Affinity Map - Picture of a white board with projects at Designation

What are the people at Designation like?
My cohort was amazing. By the end of the first week, we became a family. Everybody was incredibly supportive, and since we all came from such different backgrounds, we each contributed unique perspectives and skills. The staff and instructors were also great; they were knowledgeable, passionate, and willing to take time out of their day to help, no matter how busy.

Example wireframe concept of a budgeting method

How did Designation help prepare you for your job?
Working with local startups, I didn’t experience design in a vacuum where everything goes as smoothly as planned. When does it, in the real world? I learned to work on tight deadlines, manage competing stakeholder expectations, and roll with the curveballs. It taught me to view challenges as learning opportunities, and gave me the confidence and tools I need to take on whatever challenges I’m faced with on the job.

Amino website wireframe excample and concept

How did you stand out from the competition in applying for, interviewing for, or getting this job?
I initially worried that having a non-design background was a disadvantage. In many ways, it turned out to be the opposite. People liked seeing that my perspective was influenced by my previous career, my volunteer activities, and other outside interests. A piece of great advice I received was to show employers that you’re passionate about something, whether it’s work-related or not. Employers want to see who you really are and how you fit with their team.

Vitrima app prototype example

What’s your favorite thing about being a professional designer now?
Getting to be creative every day. It’s incredibly refreshing to have a job where you’re encouraged to think outside of the box and are surrounded by people who do the same.

Amino Style - Detail View of screenshot

What advice can you give to someone trying to start in the design industry?
Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. I was really surprised at how welcoming and supportive the design community has been. Go to meetups and events, asking questions, reach out designers you admire, and build your network with people who inspire you. The decision to pursue a new career is huge—and scary—but I can honestly say that taking that risk and going to Designation was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

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