A Tale of Two Interns

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Last week we said goodbye to our very first interns, Gioconda Souza and Israel Marques. Two Brazilian exchange students, they were here in Chicago working on their Masters degrees at DePaul.

But thanks to a little free time over the summer, they joined us at 1871 to work behind the scenes to help revamp our website, as well as contribute to a few other super secret projects… : )

Anyways, they did an amazing job, and we’re so glad to have worked with two such amazing and talented young designers.

But something we only found out after they started is that Israel is also an incredible photographer! So as a last little send-off, here’s a quick gallery of some of our favorite shots by (and occasionally of) him documenting their all-too-short time at Designation.

Rachel and Dave reacting the way pretty much everyone does after one of Admissions Director Will Shandling’s patented “Will-isms” (patent pending)
Not sure if Molly Lester made an actual breakthrough here, or is just looking at cat gifs.
Honestly, odds are 50/50
Supercut of our recent school-wide photo shoot. Say cheese!
Cecilia and Danny epitomizing the classic glass half-full/half-empty divide
So apparently designers like Apples. Who knew?
…Although some of them put Windows stickers on their MacBooks. Why? Because lulz, that’s why
Can’t remember what Wes was explaining here, but from the looks of it, it was probably something pretty profound
Nick is normally pretty easy going. But deadlines are deadlines, hence the “Back off, I’m working here” pose
“This is my serious face. Take me seriously.”
Dave getting away from it all in one the privacy phone booths in 1871, but still has time for a quick a thumbs-up. What a guy!
Ivory Cohort alum Aaron Faucher mid-presentation at the VR and Augmented Reality seminar he co-led. Here we see him explaining today’s most cutting edge technology with squares of paper glued to another piece of paper
Paige always finds time between projects to bust a few funky moves
Lost in the mysteriousness of the hallway mural. What does it mean? Where did it come from?
And what’s up with this particular floating purple ball?!?
Thanks so much, Gioconda and Israel!! Best of luck to you in your sure-to-be-awesome careers!
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