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94% of our grads get hired

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DESIGNATION is the leading UX/UI design bootcamp

Good design can change the conversation, but great design can change the world.

Join us over 12 weeks in our creative, collaborative work space ^plus 6 virtual weeksand let's make something that makes a difference.

Go wide and learn the full-stack of design skills including user experience, user interface, and front-end development. Then go deep and embrace the part of the curriculum you're personally most passionate about.

What is Full-Stack Design?

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94% of graduates who wanted a new design job got one,
with an average salary increase of 62%.

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Get ready to roll up your sleeves and start creating. Our fully-loaded 18 week program is built around the idea that the only way to learn something new is to just start doing it, and is equally beneficial for folks just starting their career, industry veterans, and anyone in between.

After completing 6 weeks of virtual prep work, you will join us in-person for 12 weeks at our campus in Chicago, IL.

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Virtual Phase

Weeks 1–6 (Virtual)

Design Immersion

Weeks 7–12

Portfolio Development

Weeks 13–18

Job Placement

Weeks 19+

Virtual Phase

These virtual prep-sessions and pre-class exercises set the table for what's to come. Because the material in the main program moves quickly, it's critical students be ready to start building interfaces right from the first day of the in-class session.

Week 1 Intro to Visual Design
Weeks 2–3 Intro to HTML/CSS
Week 4 Intro to User-centric Design
Week 5 Intro to UX and UI
Week 6 Intro to IxD and Prototyping


  • 30 hours/week
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Virtual coaching and feedback
  • Online peer collaboration
  • Tailored prep work

Design Immersion

After mastering the basics, the Immersion Phase is where we concentrate the majority of our traditional classroom sessions. Cumulative classes build and expand on one another in successive weeks, with special emphasis on problem solving, analytical thinking, and team collaboration guided by experienced professionals. At the midway point, students further refine their experience by choosing an area of special concentration, and focus primarily on those skills for the remainder of the program.

Weeks 7–9 Curriculum Overview covering UX, UI, IxD, and Front-End Development
Week 10–12 Electives around each student's area of focus, in addition to a mock collaborative project setting up the start of the portfolio phase.


  • 70 hours/week
  • Mon - Fri @ 10AM - 9PM, Sat @ 10AM - 3PM
  • Morning topic sprints
  • Guest speakers
  • Hands-on and group learning

Portfolio Development

You've learned the tools of the trade. Now it's time to apply them in a live client environment. You'll be working with a wide variety of outside companies to collaborate in teams and create real world deliverables. Check out the showcase for the kind of work you can expect to accomplish. You’ll also be assigned a mentor who you’ll build a close, one-to-one relationship with as you explore new career opportunities, develop your portfolio, and refine the work you’ve done throughout the program.

You'll also have discounted or free access to the most cutting-edge software in the design industry:

Weeks 13–18 Team and Individual Projects


  • 70 hours/week
  • Mon - Fri @ 10AM - 9PM, Sat @ 10AM - 3PM
  • Career guidance
  • Mentorship
  • Passion projects
  • Portfolio and resume construction
  • Hiring Partner company introductions


The support and mentorship doesn't end at graduation. We're personally committed to working with every one of our alumni for as long as they need to continue evaluating work, providing mentorship and guidance, and facilitating job placement.

You will never be alone in your job search process. Ever. Read more about our unique post-gradute support.

Weeks 19+ Post-graduation assistance


  • Career support
  • Monthly checkins
  • Continued mentorship
  • Unlimited email correspondence

Program Tuition: $9,800*

*Note: Tuition will be increasing January 1st, 2016. Click here to learn more.

Covering three distinct disciplines over 18 design-filled weeks, DESIGNATION offers incredible value for anyone looking to embark on a new career. It doesn't matter whether you're just starting out or an experienced pro, our Full-Stack Design curriculum will radically alter your career trajectory.

Click Here to read more about what the tuition includes, as well as to see a side by side comparison of DESIGNATION with a few other design programs.

Apply To The Next Class Note: Tuition will be increasing January 1st, 2016. Click here to learn more.

Quartz Cohort

Available in:

Chicago, IL

Weeks 1-6 (virtual) -

Weeks 7-18 (in-person) -

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Ruby Cohort

Available in:

Chicago, IL

Weeks 1-6 (virtual) -

Weeks 7-18 (in-person) -

Sapphire Cohort

Available in:

Chicago, IL

Weeks 1-6 (virtual) -

Weeks 7-18 (in-person) -

Topaz Cohort

Available in:

Chicago, IL

Weeks 1-6 (virtual) -

Weeks 7-18 (in-person) -

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Alumni salary after the program increased an average of 62%.

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94% of our graduates go on to great new design jobs.

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